A disappointing day

It hasn’t been a particularly stellar day. I was exhausted at work because I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. That was expected. I usually have problems sleeping the first night the husband is gone. However, it doesn’t make me any less tired at work. So that was not a lot of fun.

And, of course, the husband is gone again. So that is less fun. We did have a great fun send-off this time though. He bought a new toy and we broke it in before he left. It was hot and it’s about time I was able to get my kink on and get some cock. That also doesn’t make me any less lonely that he’s gone.

I was expecting to get to see the raven tonight online for a while. But sadly, no. I’m understanding, to a point. It’s father’s day after all. However, we were supposed to meet. And it disappoints me.

The other bit I am not quite ready to write about yet. It’s at the tip of my fingers. But I am tired and cranky and disappointed. And it’s not coming off of them tonight.


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