A little gratitude

Sometimes it’s the little things that you don’t even think about which actually make the biggest impact. Submission doesn’t always have to be about the grand gesture.

We eat what I want to eat and where I want to eat unless I specifically say I have no craving or opinion.
When we travel together, I don’t have to drive anywhere unless I want to. And when he’s driving my car, he drives it the way I tell him to.
We watch what I want to watch when it comes to TV and movies.
He cooks me food that I ask for, and cooks for me when he will be gone so I won’t have to eat out.
I decorate the home as I see fit.
We have pets, or not, according to what I want.
He leaves the toilet seats down because that is how I like it.
He keeps his hair long enough for me to pull.
He reloads my mags.
He cleans up after the dog.

All these things make my life a little easier and more pleasant. They may seem small, but they do add up. I have a lot of gratitude for these things. I probably don’t do a sufficient job of letting him know how much they mean to me.


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