Apparently he’s pretty committed to me

Spoke with the boy today and I think we might have more of a chance to make this work than I thought. Apparently he’s pretty committed to me. So while he finds the idea of a second submissive, especially one that is going to be long term, much more scary and threatening… he doesn’t plan on leaving me over it. That’s pretty good too! I’d be devastated if he left. I do love him very much. And I hate that he can’t meet all my needs. I wish he could. But I know this isn’t what he signed up for. And I feel like shit for needing someone else. But the truth is that I do. I need someone that will give up a lot more authority and be open to exploring new things. I don’t love my boy any less. I love him more for being willing to stick around and love me back. Of course, I don’t think I could do the same for him no matter how hard I tried. And that makes me feel like a first class bitch. But my gut instinct is that I can’t share someone I love that much. So I hope it never comes up. And I hope the reality of my being so involved with someone else is not more than he can really handle. Because I’m going to need to be very involved in order to feel comfortable asking for all the things and the time that I want out of another submissive. And I don’t want to have to choose between my boy’s needs and mine.


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