Fuck they’re beautiful. Both of them. I have such a weakness for pretty boys. Especially the ones with cute little spankable asses and pretty cocks. I know that my whole life, I’ve basically been spoiled in this regard. Or one might say that I know what I like and don’t settle for what I don’t like. But today I’m celebrating the two I’m with right now. It’s like opposite sides of the same coin. One is gregarious and outgoing, the other is shy and introverted. But both of them are funny and witty. Both of them are driven, and are gaining recognition in their fields. Both are intelligent. Both of them are kinky. And did I mention both of them are gorgeous? Dark hair, pale skin, beautiful eyes. At least I’m consistent!

Today I feel hopeful. And happy. I just finished talking to one and the other is on the way home. I feel like singing. I feel like dancing. And I feel really lucky. Even if both of them were to leave tomorrow, I’ve been able to have them in my life. Two pretty amazing people. Now if I could just get my hands on both of them at the same time, things would really get interesting!


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