Being sick: hidden gifts

So I’ve been sick. I hate being sick. It’s worse when I don’t have anyone to fix me hot tea with honey and go get me cold & flu medication from the pharmacy when I run out. But I survive! One thing that has come about from this bout of illness while the husband is out of town is that my online friends have showered me with well-wishes. I feel loved and valued because of those little messages. And, of course, my husband has been keeping constant tabs on me via text and phone calls. I am feeling quite connected to my online family. And I’m feeling quite lucky to have people in my life who care if I’m feeling well. It’s things like that which certainly can define how people prioritize me. People I wasn’t expecting to care, have gone out of their way to check and see how I’m doing. People I might have expected to care, haven’t said a word. It makes me want to be a better friend and lover. I do struggle with that. I feel I’m getting better. But it’s been a long row to hoe. This is certainly a reinforcement that I need to continue down that path. It’s important to me that those in my life that I do care for should know that I care for them.


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