Boot wishes

I’m watching the movie “Kinky Boots” while I do laundry and wait for the husband to come home. Today sent me a link to a website that sells latex boots. It’s a boot kind of day. However, none of the beautiful thigh-high boots will fit me. It’s a similar problem that men face when trying to buy women’s garments. They aren’t made to fit. Well, frankly, women’s garments aren’t even made to fit most women. So you can see the issue. If I had a shoe factory, I’d make sexy boots for women with big legs and little feet. I generally think I have a good body. It’s fully functional, healthy, all in one piece, and gets me from point A to point B on a very regular basis. But when I go to buy clothing, it’s a challenge. It’s almost impossible to find kink clothing that fits me properly. It’s been a problem for years. It has only gotten worse over the years. My kingdom for a pair of thigh-high stiletto latex boots that will fit both my large and muscular legs and my very small feet. I’d buy from a site that caters to men, they would fit my legs. But they’d never fit feet so small.

Plan B: save enough money to be able to afford the ridiculous prices of custom fetish boots. And while I’m at it, I’ll order a pair of thigh-high combat boots as well. A girl can dream.


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