Building my perfect man…

Building my perfect man…

I want to rip his clothes off when I see him.
He is at least as intelligent as I am.
He has a fairly thick cock that is 6-8″ long.
When he looks at me, it should make him weak in the knees.
He is in good enough physical shape to be able to fuck me hard and fast without getting winded.
He is a D/DF non-tobacco user.
Alcohol isn’t a part of his daily life.
He is able-bodied and free of physical impairment.
He is mentally and emotionally stable.
He has a personality of his own.
He wants to make me happy and give me what I need.
Pain turns him on and makes him hard.
He is a good cook.
He cleans thoroughly and well.
His submission to me is willing and enthusiastic.
He is happy to be monogamous to me.
He will trust me.
He will be worthy of my trust.
He will have the integrity to do what he says he’ll do and not do what he says he won’t do.
He makes me a priority in his life.
He is willing and able to communicate honestly and openly.
Being my crash test dummy and science experiment excites him.


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