There are a few things I’d like to change. Granted, I’ve made a lot of changes lately. I acknowledge that my life is significantly different than it was 2 years ago. However, I find that I would like to do a few things differently.

I don’t like the level of mess in my house. My husband, while pretty good at actual cleaning, is a slob. He just puts things anywhere. He will put the trash next to the trash can. He will put the empty dog food container back in the pantry. He leaves receipts, papers, change, and random things that I don’t even know what they are… on any flat surface. We have 3 “junk drawers” in the kitchen. I try to ignore it as much as I can. I clean and tidy as much as I have time for and can tolerate doing. It’s been an ongoing issue the entire time we have lived together. I believe my tolerance is waning.

I don’t like his attempts at organizing. They frequently don’t make any sense to me. I find it is more logical to keep all the cleaning supplies you might need for any given space actually in that space if you can as opposed to trying to keep them all in one area and moving them around to the room you want to clean. We have a large house and plenty of space for cleaning supplies. It’s a lot easier to keep them in each area as opposed to trekking half way across the house to get the thing you need to continue cleaning the upstairs bathroom. If we didn’t have the space, I would understand. But we do. If he were the only one cleaning the house, I might not mind. But he’s not.

Shaved asses are much easier to deal with for anal play. He doesn’t like the way it feels when it’s growing back in, so he doesn’t shave his ass when he shaves for playtime. I don’t necessarily disagree with it being uncomfortable. It can be, and it’s worse for those with thicker hair. Perhaps it’s time to learn how to dry wax.  Then I could hurt him and have a nice clean ass to play with when I’m done.


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