Hair. It’s something that is important to me. I think it always has been, though my tastes have changed some over the years. I used to be a fan of very long hair on men. If it were dyed some outlandish color, even better. These days, I find that I like just enough hair to pull. Color is unimportant, but I no longer prefer outlandish dye jobs. Hair on the head is the only hair I really like on a man. I am not a big fan of most facial hair. I can handle facial hair that I don’t have to touch when we’re kissing. But I don’t like beards, moustaches, or goatees. And I really don’t like a ton of body hair. It’s not a total deal breaker. But there is something else that is. Genital hair.

I’m fine with it on other people. As long as those people don’t belong to me. On my property, it needs to be trimmed or shaved. I have my reasons. First, I like how it looks better. That is reason enough as far as I am concerned. Do it because I like it. If that isn’t a good enough reason, then do it because it makes cock and ball bondage much better for both of us. I don’t have to worry about hair sticking out between the ropes looking weird. You don’t have to worry about it getting pulled (and it will) during the process. Do it because I’m not putting my mouth anywhere near hair that is going to get stuck in my teeth (and it will). Genital hair basically makes that area a no-zone for me. How is that going to be fun for either of us? It’s not.
In addition, I have zero tolerance for whining about it. I don’t even trim. I shave. I shave way more territory than I require any of my property to shave. And I know exactly what it’s like when the hair starts growing back in. So don’t tell me you can’t because it itches and you can’t take it. If I can take it, so can you. If something happens and you’re no longer my property, guess what? It’s going to grow back. I promise.

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