I’m doing it wrong: not a badass

I read yet another post on how someone is so sadistic that he needs a special and particular kind of submissive masochist. Anyone else will simply be broken by his ever-so-sadistic monster within. The “weak” ones need not apply. He’s going to rip the submission right out of his submissive and anyone who isn’t special and particular enough will clearly be broken into tiny pieces when he’s done with them. Right.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does he need these special and particular submissives in order to handle his darker than dark inner monster, but we should all pat him on the back. Yes. He is such a responsible monster that he is warning everyone about how only the ones in search of his meaner than mean meanness should seek him out. So clearly we should all applaud him for letting us know how much of a big meanie he is. I mean, I’m sure that people can tell just by looking in his general direction how much of a big bad monster he is. He’s just so badass that I’m sure it just radiates off of him. But his in case, he’s been responsible enough to warn us all. Right.

He even further clarifies in some edits to comments that he’s gotten in response to his missive that though for everyone else, when they have to announce how much of a big bad boogeyman they are… they are generally full of shit or are lacking in confidence…. but not him. No. He’s just being honest. Right.

I see journals like this all the time. Why is it that everyone thinks he or she needs to make some kind of PSA about how sadistic or how dominant they are. It really rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps these people really are serious monsters, sick fucks, total badasses, or more dominant than thou. Frankly, I’ve never met anyone of these people in person. But I do know several people that I do consider some very responsible monsters, badass sick fucks, and generally fantastic dominants. One thing they have all had in common is that they do not need to announce any of this to the world around them. They get on with their lives. They love, play, and live. People are free to respect them or not. That’s my kind of responsible monster. Chest-beaters, in my personal experience, do a lot more noise-making than living. Not my cup of tea. So there is my rant.

Brought to you by yet another superman dom.


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