In an ideal world…

How I wish my day might go… in an ideal world…

I wake up slightly groggy but happy. My husband is still asleep naked beside me. Smiling and beautiful in his sleep. I have my quiet private time getting ready for work. A little music to help me keep the time. My bathroom, spotless because yesterday was upstairs cleaning day. It’s calming to me not to see clutter… and not to have to worry about knocking things off the counter or tripping. I’m not the most graceful gazelle in the mornings. After my shower, I dry off with my fresh bath towel. After I brush my teeth, I wipe my hands and face with my fresh hand towel. And I put on my clean work clothes. I have plenty of them because the day before yesterday was laundry day. On my way out of the bedroom, I kiss my husband goodbye and he smiles in his sleep again. Then I am out the bedroom door and down the stairs. 
My dog greets me at the bottom of the stairs and I give him a pat on the head as I pick up my things for work. I find a note from #2 on the dry erase board on the fridge. “I fed the dog and got him fresh water, then let him outside for a bit. I am off work at 6 today, and I will be home when you get back from work and cooking the lasagna you requested for dinner. Have a great day Ma’am!” I smile on my way out the door. 
When I get in to work, I check to see what my schedule will be like for the day. I determine when my lunch hour will be, and text my husband so he knows what time to pick me up for lunch. After a little work and a little water cooler chatting and a little more work, I’m ready for lunch. I see that my husband has texted me that he’s outside already. So I grab my things and off I go to lunch! I tell him where we’re going. And we have a nice chat and meal together before I go back to work for a few more hours. I kiss him goodbye as he drops me off at the door.
When I get home I can already smell the lasagna cooking as I walk through the door. I’m greeted in the kitchen by the dog and #2. I pat the dog on the head. I walk up behind #2 and give him an affectionate smack on each ass cheek. He is shirtless and in jeans. Nothing in his pockets because he knows I love to smack his ass and grope him whenever I like. I turn him around, grab his hair, pull his head to the side, and bite his neck then kiss him hard. I can feel him getting hard through the jeans, but he can’t get very hard since he’s wearing a chastity device. It’s just the two of us tonight since my subby hubby is working. “That smells great! And you look good enough to eat too,” I say. “Yes Ma’am, and I’m making garlic bread and a salad for us as well. It should be ready by the time you are changed out of your work clothes. Will I be dining with you tonight or will I be your table or footstool? And do you want something to drink before you change?” I tell him I don’t need a drink right now, but I’d like water with dinner and he will be dining with me at my feet tonight. “Yes Ma’am!!” he says. And I hear the excitement in his voice. He loves being able to both spend time talking with me and still be at my feet. Tables and footstools don’t talk. I head upstairs and change into some jeans and a tank top.
When I come back down, the lasagna is out of the oven and I see two bowls of salad and 2 drinks. My food is on my tray where I like to sit to eat and watch TV and his is on the floor beside the sofa. The dog is in the kennel. I sit down to eat my salad. It’s just how I like it with extra cucumbers, some cheese, a few croutons, plenty of dressing, and no tomatoes. “Do you need anything else right now Ma’am?” he asks me. I don’t, so he sits at my feet and we talk about how our days have gone. I laugh at some of the funny things he’s been dealing with and he listens to me talk about a few of my work problems. We are enjoying each other’s company, good food, and I’m enjoying the good view of him at my feet eating off his lap tray. I tell him to take the empty salad bowl, get me a hearty slice of lasagna, and some more water. “Yes Ma’am.” 
After we are done with dinner, we clean up in the kitchen together and I tease him about how picky he is with keeping the kitchen clean. He blushes and teases me right back about how I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s right and he knows it. But it’s still cute. When the kitchen is clean, we go back to the sofa and I check my emails while resting my feet on his naked chest. I like the view so much that I have him strip til he’s not wearing anything but his chastity device. I decide it’s more important to have some fun with my property. There’s nothing in my inbox that can’t wait for a few more hours. I tell him to crawl up the stairs in front of me so I can enjoy the view of his naked ass. “Back bedroom or your bedroom?” he asks. I tell him to head to my bedroom. 
When we get upstairs, he kneels at the foot of the bed. I tell him to go get 5 30′ lengths of rope, the dildo gag, and the bullwhip. He crawls off to the closet to get everything while I take my clothes off and grab my strapon harness and cock. I put on my boots and my corset while he lays it all out. I suspend him sideways with the dildo gag in his mouth and use it for a little fun, fucking my pussy with his face. I can hear him making noises as he starts getting hard and the device stops him. I laugh at his helplessness. That just makes him harder. After I cum on his face, I decide it’s time for the pain. I take the gag out because I want to hear him beg. And he does. I start soft and sweet with the whip, but the harder I go… the more he writhes and begs me to stop. But his mouth lies. He is still hard and has started to drip. I laugh in his face and tell him I don’t believe he wants me to stop at all… and he’s going to have to clean up the mess he’s making on my floor. That just makes him drip more. Not my problem. He’s just got more to clean up later. After I have whipped his ass and his back til they’re red and a little bloody and he’s sobbing helplessly in the air, I put on my strapon cock. He looks at me and immediately starts begging me not to fuck him. I slap his ass nice and hard and he flinches and starts crying again. I scratch my way up his back til I’m standing in front of his face. I tell him he doesn’t even remotely deserve to have my cock in his ass. That would feel entirely too good for a worthless cunt like him. I grab him by the hair and shove my cock in his mouth. I face fuck him til he’s crying and gagging and trying to writhe away from me. But he can’t, of course. I take my cock out of his mouth long enough for him to beg me to stop.
I spit in his face and laugh. I ask if he wants to get off tonight? Doesn’t he want to cum? It’s been two weeks… I know he does and he will promise me anything if I’ll just let him cum. And he does. He promises to suck my cock or any other cock I want him to suck if I’ll just let him cum. I call him a dirty cocksucking slut and face fuck him til he’s gagging and crying again. When I decide I’m done, I take my cock out of his sore mouth and he thanks me through his tears while I take my harness off and let him down. He has marks all over him from the whip and the ropes. He’s kneeling on the ground. I unlock the device and take it off. He’s half hard still, even after the beating and the face fucking. I go lay on the bed and tell him to clean up his mess on the floor. I watch him go instantly hard as he says, “Yes Ma’am” and starts licking the floor. When he’s done, I order him to the bed. I pull him towards me and smack his hard cock as I put 2 condoms on it. I see the elation in his eyes as he realizes he’s going to get to be inside me. He starts thanking me and I shut him up with a slap and a kiss. I tell him I’m pleased with him tonight and he has earned it. I pull him down on top of me and scratch down his back. He cries out but he’s even harder inside me. As he’s fucking me and I’m slapping and biting and scratching, he is so hard and he’s begging me to cum. But I’m not ready yet. And I make him wait. And wait. He’s begging and crying as I leave new bite marks on his chest and shoulders and I’m cumming. And only then do I let him cum as I bite down, leaving a bruise on his left chest. I roll him off of me and take the condom off. I pour it in his mouth and he gags a little as he eats his own cum. I smile and throw it in the trash. We snuggle on the bed in silence for a while. Then we have quiet words and I tell him how good he is and how much he pleases me. I hold him and make a safe space for him to come back to the world again slowly. And when he’s back, I go and get the things to clean up his back. I put a few band aids on the bloody spots and make sure I haven’t missed any. 
Then he kisses each boot to thank me and puts the rope and toys away again, cleaning off the cocks and leaving them on the counter to dry. I lock the chastity device back on him and he thanks me again.We head back downstairs and I tell him to put his clothes back on so he doesn’t get cold and get himself some chocolate and some water. He does and comes over to the sofa where I’m sitting. He kneels at my feet all smiles and happiness. I motion for him to come up on the sofa and lay his head in my lap so I can pet him some more. We sit like that for a while just enjoying each other’s touch and watching the TV. Then it’s time for him to go home. I tell him to be sure to take a warm shower when he gets home and to text me to let me know he has made it home ok. I review the schedule for the rest of the week with him. Tomorrow, he will call me at noon to check in so I can make sure he’s doing ok then I’m spending the evening with my subby hubby. The day after that, I’m taking some alone time. Then he will be spending the whole weekend staying over here with us and he can make good on his promise to suck any cock I want him to. He’s grinning from ear to ear he’s so happy and still a little floaty. “Yes Ma’am I will let you know as soon as I get home. Do you need anything else before I go?” I tell him he has been such a good boy and I don’t need anything else but his submission and his love. He’s beaming and I know he’s happy he pleased me. I walk him to his car and grab him in a big bear hug. He winces as I squeeze his back but he’s still smiling. I watch as he drives off and I go back inside. I let the dog out of the kennel and finish checking my emails. I’m so happy and sated that I feel like the luckiest lady alive to have two such amazing men in my life. Tomorrow my hubby is going to clean the living room, and then I’m doing a cutting on him. Then this weekend we’re all going shooting together, going to the movies, and then to dinner. I head up to bed. My hubby will be home in a few hours and we can get some snuggles in while we’re sleeping. My life is good.

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