Love and progress

Well I’m all alone this weekend. I have been feeling so lucky and in love with my life that it’s hard not to share the love. But today, I have nobody to share it with. I did at least get to video chat with my husband. That was an unexpected pleasure. He’s been having such long days that I assumed he’d gone to bed early tonight. He hadn’t. I also “requested” that he cum on cam for me. He was hungry and had a headache. But what we were talking about turned us on so much that we did both end up cumming. It was hot and I feel like it’s a big step for us. He has, traditionally, been quite averse to cumming on command for me. He is in 24/7 chastity and will ask for permission to cum during play or masturbation. But he hasn’t been terribly interested or able to really just… put on a show for my viewing pleasure… unless we’re in the same place. I’ve requested videos or pictures with limited success. We can manage phone sex just fine. But I am highly visual, and I like to see my property! So I was thrilled that he was willing to be my sexy toy and my eye candy tonight. It’s really the kind of objectification that is right up my alley. As I said in my last post, I don’t know what’s gotten into him but I like it! I feel like spoiling him.

Even things with my long-distance submissive seem to be going better. I have made some progress in the “tease and denial” department. I am now able to send him pictures, links, or orders via his phone. He has been a good boy by responding to let me know he’s getting things. I get frustrated if I can’t be sure the people I’m trying to tease are getting the teasing pics, so I’ve ordered him to respond. I am finding that it’s a lot more fun again now that I know he’s getting things when I intend him to and not hours or even days later. I’m still not sure exactly where things are going to end up with him, but I’m still enjoying the ride and how much I’m learning about all 3 of us in the process of building something new.


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