New and improved

My hormones are in overdrive lately. I am not upset about it, but it’s starting to creep into my time at work. Today, I was thinking of what an ideal dungeon space might look like. Also I have been speaking to a lot of submissive men casually over the last few days. None of them are a good fit for me. But it’s flattering to have someone take an interest in me. And they are all very good looking. I’ve taken on one of them as a kind of project. It’s been interesting. I am continually impressed with his ability to ask good questions. He’s just starting to experiment with his kinks, and I know that’s a really exciting thing. But even though he’s young and excitable, he is managing to keep it together and not think entirely with his dick. It’s the main reason I want to help him even though he isn’t workable for me. At some point, someone helped along my husband. I owe those people. Maybe some day, the things I am doing to help the project will also choose to pay it forward. If not, then I still hope that I can help him to become the best submissive he can be. I really think someone is going to just snap him up and be very happy with him. He’s just adorable and intelligent and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I think he’s kinda renewing my own enthusiasm for kink. I know he’s part of the reason my hormones are in overdrive. His enthusiasm is catching!


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