Sometimes life is boring

Well, I’m finally not sick. I still have a bit of a cough still lingering, but it’s almost gone. It has been a rough month personally. I truly hate being sick. It has also impacted play time. As in there hasn’t been any. That hasn’t been a lot of fun. I’m hoping that the next few months will be a bit more fun and a lot less annoying. One can only hope! The husband hasn’t been terribly interested in playing either. I’m not sure if it’s all on his side or if it is partly in reaction to my inability to do much other than cough. I suppose I should just be grateful that his desire for play is on the wane as my ability has been nonexistent.

Other than the illness, life has been uneventful. There hasn’t been any kink other than the husband serving me as best he can while I’ve been sick. In the potential second submissive department, a major deadline is fast approaching. I’m still trying to be hopeful but it’s getting harder.


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