This is my life

I put the leather hood on him and lace it tight, making sure the gag and the blindfold are tight as well. Then I have him kneel on the wooden pony. I lock his legs in the foot stocks and his wrists in the wrist stocks. I make sure he’s relatively comfortable and that his metal chastity cage isn’t damaging the wood he’s resting his torso on. I hook up the electric device to his cock and ball electrodes. I slowly turn it up until I hear him react and his body jerks slightly. I smile a little bit and laugh. Then I sit down on the sofa and prop my feet up to enjoy watching some television. He can feel my boots on his naked back and writhes a little bit. We stay like this for a while with him moving slightly and making small noises while I watch a movie on the television. Then once the movie is over, I decide that I need to clear the DVR out a bit. So I start one of the shows. He can hear just enough to know that the movie has ended and I am not letting him up yet.

He tries to ask me what I’m watching. But I tell him to shut up and pull the electric buttplug out of the bag. I figure that might distract him and I can watch my show in peace. I lube it up and shove it in his ass. He cries out and tries to pull away. But it’s too late. The stocks hold him in place, and the plug is already in anyhow. I hook the leads up and suddenly he has more to worry about than what I’m watching now. After the show is over, I decide to have a bit more fun. I leave the television on and put the computer on his back, using him as a computer stand. He starts wiggling, and I strike him with the cane. I tell him to be still and strike him several more times, leaving his back striped with red welts. He moans and is finally still. I check a few things on the computer and upload some photos of my evening thus far. Then I sit the computer on the sofa and stand up.

I grab the cane again and smack his ass and back several more times. He tries to be still and quiet, but he can’t. He is moaning into the gag. I am pleased by his reactions, but I want more. I choose the wooden spoon next and turn up the electricity. He is having a hard time remaining still. I laugh and hit him harder several times on each cheek. His ass and back are striped and pink. But not rosy enough for me. I move to the hand crop. Then the large cane. He is really writhing now and lifting his torso off the pony. I decide I want him to be a bit more still. So I take the nipple clamps and attach them under the wood so he can’t rear up. Then it’s back to torturing his back with the canes. He is crying out and writhing as much as he can without ripping the clover clamps off of his nipples. I’m laughing and hitting him harder. Then I pick up a toy I know he doesn’t like at all. The mini bullwhip. I strike him gently a few times and he is really trying to get away from the pain. It’s completely ineffectual though. He can barely move with his ankles and wrists in the stocks and the clamps around the middle part of the wooden pony holding his torso down. I am laughing at his pain.

I decide to change the pace up. I put the toys down and turn off the electrics. I pull the electrics out of the chastity device so all the power is going to the plug, then turn it back on again. And turn it up immediately. He screams at the unexpected shock as the plug starts fucking his ass. I find it hot and grab my vibrator. I sit behind him and turn the power up and up as I push the vibrator into my clit. He is crying out and I’m cumming. After I have cum, I press the vibrator into his cock cage and he starts moaning and writhing again. I can tell he wants to cum, but he can’t even get hard. Watching him move against the vibrator with the plug fucking his ass makes me want to cum again. So I take the vibe away and use it on myself again, turning the plug up some more. Then I start pulling on his cock cage and he is suddenly very very still. The plug is still fucking his ass and he’s making all sorts of noises. But he knows what I’m doing. I unlock him and pull the metal off his cock and balls. Then I start vibrating his cock and stroking it while I turn the plug up ever so slowly. I am moving back and forth between his cock and my clit til I cum again. Then I decide it’s his turn. And I turn the plug up more as I stroke him harder and vibrate his hard cock. It isn’t long til he is unable to stay still and moves against my hand. I feel him starting to shake and his noises are becoming louder. I think he’s begging me to turn the electric plug down. I turn it up instead. He’s moving so beautifully now and I know he will be exploding any minute. He starts mumbling and I can barely hear him. I know what he’s asking, but I tell him I can’t understand. I make him repeat the question louder through the gag. He is begging me to cum. I ask him if he wants something. He says, “Yes Mistress” much more clearly now. I ask him if he wants to cum. Again he says, “Yes Mistress.” But he knows he hasn’t heard my “Yes” yet and is moaning loudly through the gag and begging. I laugh and tell him to cum for me now. He does and it’s so much. He just keeps cumming and cumming. I think it must be the plug still fucking his ass. As soon as he stops cumming, he’s screaming. And I’m laughing.

I think this is the moment he realizes we’re not stopping yet. I slowly turn the plug down and pull it out. Then I put on my strapon harness and lube up my cock. I rub my cock around on his sore ass and he is trying to get away from me. Of course he can’t. I can vaguely hear him begging me not to fuck him any more. I just laugh and stick the tip in. He cries out in that way he has and I know he wants it. So I slowly slide the rest of it inside him. He makes a gurgling noise and rears his head back. I start moving inside him and he’s begging me to stop. I don’t. I laugh and start fucking him harder. I keep shoving my cock in his ass harder and harder. Soon he’s crying out and shaking. I pull my cock out and laugh at his relief. I take off the harness and let him out of the stocks. But he knows the clamps are still attached. I start rubbing his back and then release one of the clamps. He screams loudly and starts yelling, “Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!” like he can’t say anything else. I laugh and take the other side off. He’s still yelling his mantra. He can’t tell they are both off yet. I’m laughing while I get the dildo gag. I exchange gags once he stops yelling, and pull him off the pony.

I lay back on the sofa and guide the dildo inside me. I make him fuck me til I cum several more times and then lay him on the floor. I tell him to stroke his cock for me. He does and I know he wants to cum again. But I know he can’t. I start teasing him verbally and telling him that I can tell that he can’t get it hard any more. That I will have to find someone else to fuck. That I will only use him as a fuck hole. Then I tell him that he has a countdown of 10 or I’ll put the plug back in. I start counting slowly. He’s begging me not to put the plug back in. I can barely hear him through the gag. But I know what he’s saying. I just laugh and keep counting. I start getting closer to 1 and he’s babbling that he can’t cum yet. I laugh and tell him it’s not my problem. He’s begging for more time. I tell him I think he just wants the plug again. He is telling me he doesn’t, still begging me not to use it on him again. But I get to 1 and he hasn’t cum again. So I get the plug and shove it back in his ass. I hook it up and turn it up immediately. He jumps and screams and I laugh. I tell him he better cum soon. “Why?” he mumbles. I tell him I’m going to keep turning it up slowly until he cums. And he immediately starts stroking harder and faster and begging me not to do it. I just laugh and keep turning it up little by little. He’s begging and shaking and working his cock really hard. Soon I hear it in his voice and he’s begging me to let him cum again. I laugh and tell him to cum. He explodes again and I turn the plug off. Pulling it out gently and taking the gag out of his mouth. He’s shuddering and cold. I lay next to him and wrap him up in my heat and my arms. I leave the hood on til he comes back to earth again.

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