What do I want authority over?

What do I want authority over?

Sex life
Sexual activities at least once/month
Kink scenes at least once/month
Public and private play
Frequency of orgasm/ability to masturbate/ability to cum
Wearing a chastity device daily
Random acts of kinky violence at my will in private or kink events
Worship at my will in private or kink events
Weekly service such as cooking/cleaning/driving/computer repair/home repair
All activities other than hard limits are a possibility during play/kink time
STD testing at least annually or as needed
Sexual monogamy within our relationship
Sexual interaction with both me and my husband

Physical appearance:
Body hair
Kink wardrobe
Vanilla wardrobe
Facial hair
Hair style/length
Nail grooming
Covert kink clothing

Everyday life
Time spent together/apart
Near daily contact via phone/text/email at least 5 days/week
Date nights at least once/month
No tobacco use
Limited alcohol use
No drug use
Restaurant/food choice when together
Movie/leisure activity choice when together
No more than 1 pet (no bugs or reptiles)

Choosing time off/vacation times
Veto power of more than 2 concurrent full-time jobs
Work no more than 5 days/week


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