I miss you

I miss you both. I feel slightly guilty for missing both of you. But I do. I miss the feel of the husband laying next to me. How his skin feels on mine and how I sometimes accidentally misjudge how close we are and hit him in the face. I miss knowing he’s coming home while I am asleep and waking up to him snoozing next to me. Sometimes it doesn’t sound like a lot. But right now it sounds really good. I miss the raven even though he’s not here physically. I miss talking to him. Even our texting keeps me feeling connected. And I miss feeling connected to him somehow. I find that I want to see how he is doing. Maybe it’s silly. I barely know how he is doing when he’s actually talking to me. But the nothing also makes me realize that I do appreciate what he does share. Well, now I’ve gotten it out. I feel a bit better. And at least they will both be back in a few days.


3 responses to “I miss you

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