This is my life: Saturday night

It’s another less than stellar day. I’m bored, listless, and lonely. I’ve had some great online conversations or text conversations with friends who are trying to help me alleviate the boredom. The husband has called for short bursts of conversation. But I am still bored, listless, and lonely. I couldn’t find a rope bottom today to save my life. I had wanted to attend a rope class going on today, but not if all I was going to get to do was sit on the sidelines. If I’m going to sit around watching life go by, I can do that for free at home. In addition to that, my dog decided to defecate inside his kennel this morning. I’ve washed the dog bed 3 times and it still isn’t all out yet. It also took me over half an hour to get the kennel itself clean.

I’ve done the laundry. I’ve done the dishes. I took the trash out. I have even vacuumed some of the floors. And I hate vacuuming. I haven’t gotten to play or gotten laid in months. I am also having a massive fat day. Or fat week. I’ve been feeling like a hippo all week long. And really I prefer feeling like that badass ballerina elephant from the movie “Fantasia.” I’m trying to channel Gloria from Madagascar, but it’s just not working. At least my hair looks great!

This is not a stellar week. Hopefully next week will be better. But for now I’m bored, listless, and lonely.


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