I’m doing it wrong: floggers

I’ve had this on my mind for about a week. But I’ve also had horrible insomnia. So I haven’t felt much like writing. Anyhow, on to the meat of the post.

A friend of mine once told me that she didn’t particularly care for hanging around with other dominant women because she didn’t get along with them very well. She seems to find a lot of them she’s met to be very “one twue way” and pretty outspoken about a lot of things she doesn’t agree with. I have to say that I seem to be having a somewhat similar experience. I was reminded of how wrong I am at a F/m specific party over the weekend. Because, you know, flogging is serious business.

Of course, I’m doing it wrong. I don’t stick to the upper back and butt. I flog everything sometimes. No areas off-limits. I mean none. I will flog the back, and the butt, and the legs. Yes, even the area behind the knee. I also flog feet. And hands. And breasts and bellies. I flog cocks and balls and the occasional pussy. And the big one that makes the heads of the safety-nazis explode: I will even flog the neck and face and “kidney” area.

I don’t do it often (ok the “kidney” area I flog all the time), but I’ve done it. I also don’t do it hard. But I’ve still done it. I make them close their mouth and eyes for face flogging. But yeah, still done it. Guess what? He lived. He still plays with me.  I did not put an eye out or damage any of his delicate arteries. He was not pissing blood nor did he have any kind of damage to his renal function. It’s a miracle… except that really it’s not. Bodies are very resiliant actually. We’re made to take quite a lot of things and not be damaged. If you don’t bludgeon the kidney area, it’s fine. If you don’t crush the neck, it’s fine. I’m not advocating that you do the moral equivalent of a kidney punch. I’m not saying you hold your submissive’s eyes open with toothpicks then flog their face. But I am saying that bodies are pretty tough. If they weren’t, we would have died out as a species many long years ago.

In addition to full body flogging, after I use them I do… nothing to them. I put them back in the bag and take them home. At home, I hang them back up until I want to use them again. I don’t try to clean them or sterilize them with anything. First, you can’t sterilize such a porous material. Anything that would actually sterilize leather would render it useless as a flogger. I could probably use it as armor, but that’s about it. Also, I believe that unless your bottom is getting bodily fluids on the leather, it’s about the same level of skin contact as giving your pal a hug on the beach. If you want to sterilize yourself after hugging your bff then you probably have bigger issues than whether or not to try to sterilize your flogger. Now I will say that if you are flogging genetailia or over open wounds, then there are some health concerns. But if the skin isn’t oozing something or bleeding, then I believe there isn’t any need to sterilize your flogger. And if it does get blood or urine or cum on it, hang it up for a few months. Even hepatitis can’t survive indefinitely outside the body. No need to declare it a one-person toy or throw it out. Really I think that it was the makers of floggers who started this idea that you must sterilize or switch floggers between every scene. Imagine the number of floggers one would have to own if that was really the one twue way! I’d be broke and I only flog one person on any regular basis!



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