This is my life, I need more crops

We played. When he got up, I told him to lock his cock up. He didn’t want to, but I insisted. So he relented and did it. I think he was surprised that I tracked down all the keys. Usually I leave him one. I could tell he was slightly distressed, but I didn’t let that deter me. I took the keys. I couldn’t find one of them. But I decided to trust that he didn’t know where it was either. All the same, I think I will get some new locks and keep them all to myself. He loses keys sometimes. Or hides them. Hard to say. Moving on.

He was working around the house until I got home. He said it was occasionally annoying but not too bad. After I got home, I laid out some clothes, cuffs, a collar, and a hood for him to change into. He needed to take a bath, so I let him unlock for that. He took advantage of my generosity by taking it off while running the bath water… and then decided to cook some dinner also unlocked… and bathed… finally. But I remembered that later on. He locked back up again and began cleaning the house while I chatted online with the raven. The raven and I ended up doing some very hot online play and the husband had to listen to me getting off with the raven.

After I got offline, I grabbed the husband and chained him face down bent over the end of the bed. I pulled his pants down and took a crop to his ass. I wasn’t easy on him. He had taken way too long being unlocked before he took his bath. So I decided on minimal warm up and I pushed him past pleasure and into pain a few times. It excited me quite a bit to see him suffering and trying to take what I was dishing out. He did. His ass was red from the crop and my favorite leather flogger. It was warm to the touch. That excited me as well. I put him on his knees on the bed and continued to crop his ass. He was very good about trying to stay still. Until I took the crop to his balls. That got him wiggling and pulling away as far as he could get still being chained down.

Eventually I decided to unlock him and tease. A different kind of pleasure and pain. I flipped him on his back and brought him to the edge about 4 times over the course of a few hours. He was begging to cum, and begging to be locked back up again. Begging to stay locked up all night. Begging for me to let him lick my pussy. Begging for anything and everything. Very hot. Eventually I forced him to cum. He was begging me to stay locked up and begging not to be allowed to cum. But I knew from the beginning I was going to make him.

The next day, I felt… taller. I felt stronger. I felt more relaxed as I moved through my day. Hurting people really does wonderful things for me. I should do it more often.


2 responses to “This is my life, I need more crops

  1. There are times when I simply need to hurt my Boy. He knows his role is to take whatever I need to give.
    It brings us closer, reinforces our relationship but also leaves me happier, more relaxed and confident, better able to deal with everything else life may throw at me.
    Which is why it really is a need for me sometimes. When I have my Boy’s submission I am in a good place.

    Faile xx

  2. Exactly! I am just a better human when I’ve had a really good time inflicting pain on a willing victim. It’s one of the few things I do consider a need. I’ve had to go without occasionally and it doesn’t usually end very well if I have to go too long…

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