This is my life: stocks are sexy

Everyone was finally gone for the night. It was a good night. I had fun socializing and playing “host” despite my introverted nature. I am actually looking forward to doing it again in the future. But after everyone left, I was very ready to get some different fun going. The cross had been set up downstairs. I’d fully planned to use it. But sometimes best laid plans…

I lay on the bed and had him go down on me. It was feeling very good and I got off several times before I decided perhaps we should move on to the flogging part of the evening. I grabbed my flogger and was just about to pull him off the bed and drag him downstairs. He’d pulled all the stocks out earlier to show people. The ankle and wrist stocks were still out in the bedroom.  He looked at them and said, “I wonder if I could manage to lick you while locked in those.” I gave him a dubious look. He wouldn’t be able to actually move much in that position. He’d be laying on his face with his arms and legs both useless for balance. I know him, and I knew that having the stocks on is one of his favorite kinds of bondage. I also know that showing them off all night would have increased his desire for them.

He’d been such a wonderful host. I decided to indulge what I knew to be a plea to please find a way to use the stocks somehow tonight. “Let’s find out!” He looked shocked but happy. It took some work, but I got him in the right position and got the stocks on him while he was in the bed. We ended up having to put some pillows under his chest so his head was in the right position for pussy licking. Apparently he can still do a very good job while having almost no mobility or balance. After I cane several more times, I decided once again that it was time for the trip downstairs and flogging.

Unfortunately, I passed behind him before I let him out of the stocks. What an amazingly enticing view he was presenting me. So helpless and open. His ass was literally irresistible. I was momentarily mesmerized by how beautiful he was. I had to have him. Right. Now. I grabbed my harness, a cock, and some lube. It took a moment to get him far enough down on the bed that I could get my cock in him. But it was so worth it.

I fucked him slow. And fast. And soft and hard. I decided I wasn’t going to forego my desire to flog him just because I was also fucking him. I grabbed the flogger I’d abandoned on the bed and started to flog him with my cock buried to the hip. I spent several minutes enjoying the feel of him trying to move and unable to. Feeling the impact my fogger was having through his ass clenching and moving against my hips. It was an amazing feeling. Then I started moving again. I was fucking him and flogging him and he was moaning and unable to really move. It was hot. Amazing. I definitely want to use those stocks again in just that manner. That vulnerability was such a huge turn on.

We never made it to the cross.


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