Quickie sickie update

Well I’m drowning in a sea of tissues. But there are some bright spots on the horizon. 

The husband was turned on at work by some things we were discussing yesterday. I didn’t know it at the time, but I can really get behind his being turned on in inappropriate places. As long as it isn’t going to get him fired! I like the idea that he might have not particularly wanted to be turned on, but was in spite of himself. Especially hot since it took me so long to talk him into chastity! So not only was he turned on, but he knew there would be no release. And he wasn’t in a scene. He was just out there in the vanilla world. Hot!

Also I found out that the raven has started sitting down to pee. I mentioned in passing that I found it to be much better and less messy when a guy sits to pee. I didn’t ask for it specifically, I just mentioned it was something I prefer. I consider this to be a good sign on a few levels. First, he is paying attention. That’s just invaluable. And he clearly wants to do things that please me. Plus he spent quite a lot of time and effort in my direction last week.

Lastly, my piss smells like chemicals due to all the medications I’m taking for this horrid illness. Perhaps I started noticing the “quality” of my urine when I got into piss play. I don’t know. But I hate the way it smells when I’m taking medication. I’d hate to think how bad it would taste. Lucky for them that I’m in no mood to play when I’m sick.


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