This is my life: the object of my affections

He was tired, but he would try on some of the new panties for me anyways. I had ordered 5 new pairs and could barely wait to see him in them. “Which ones?” he asked me. “The purple ones. I was thinking of having you wear them tomorrow and I really want to be sure they fit.” I answered. So he rifled through the packages of lace and frills til he found the purple lacy panties. He put them on awkwardly and turned around. They were a perfect fit and looked amazingly hot just barely containing his package. I was instantly turned on. “Well it looks like they fit.” He quickly removed them and hopped back into bed.

I was trying very hard not to get too worked up. He’d had a very long day and had already told me he was exhausted. He lay there for a few minutes while I tried unsuccessfully to calm down. I was fidgety and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He opened his eyes and peered at me. “Did you want me to try some more on?” he asked me. “I know you are really tired. You don’t have to.” But I think he heard my desire. “I can try on another pair. Which ones?” I didn’t hesitate. “The red ones!” He hopped out of bed again and began rifling through packages. “These?” He looked a little confused. “No, those are actually pink, the red ones have black on them too.” These??” “No, do you want me to get them?” “Wait, these.” “Yes, those.” He put them on. When he turned around, he was hard and his cock didn’t fit in them any more.

“Well I guess those don’t fit quite as well now do they!” I was even more excited. “Yeah I guess.” He took them off in a hurry and jumped back into bed. “I guess you are getting excited by being dressed up in lacy panties too” I teased him. “No, I’m not.” “Really? You were looking pretty excited to me.” I was dubious. “It’s just morning wood. It’s morning you know.” But it hadn’t been. He was not hard when he put the purple panties on. Nor when he had gotten back out of bed to try the red ones on. I knew.

“Well I guess it’s too bad it’s just morning wood and you’re not turned on. We could have put it to use.” I was goading him. “We could still put it to use.”

“Go put on the boots and the inflatable hood. And the black panties. The tiny ones.” I was already wet. He put the boots on first. Tall and black and shiny. Then the panties. Even smaller than the purple or red ones. They were really only a slight piece of see-through black fabric held together by a few pieces of elastic. They almost didn’t cover him. They were incredibly hot. I grabbed my hitachi as he went around to the other side of the bed for the hood. He slipped it on and zipped it closed as he stood by the bed. Once it was all on, he tried to climb in the bed.

“No.” I said. I was already breathing hard. I started pumping up the hood until it was squeezing his head and making him a faceless creature. “Can’t I get in the bed?” His words were slightly muffled from the breathing tube, but I understood him. “No. You will stand there and you will not move.” He did as he was told. “Why?” “Because I want to look at you while I get off.” He was my thing to dress as I pleased. All in black and faceless. Nothing but an object for me to use as I saw fit. A toy for my pleasure. No longer a person. Merely a faceless object. The object of my desires.

“Stroke your cock through the panties.” I heard him whimper as he began stroking his already hard cock. It was straining so hard against the fabric that I was afraid he would rip right through. But he didn’t. Not even as he stroked more furiously. I came. He said he was close. It was muffled but I knew that sound well. “You may not come.” He whimpered and stopped for a moment. I covered the breathing tubes with my fingers. “Can you smell me?” He whimpered and started stroking again furiously. “Please?” He wanted to come so badly. “No.” I covered the tube completely, making it even harder for him to keep from coming. When he stopped stroking and started whimpering, I uncovered it and let him breathe. As he was standing there gasping, I came again.

“Get in the bed.” I directed him so that he was on top and inside me. He started moving immediately. I used my hands to pump up the hood some more and then cover all the breathing tubes. I squeezed them and let them go, periodically cutting off his breath and then letting him breathe. “You’re so fucking hot.” I loved how hard it made him when I was cutting off his air. He started begging me in short muffled bursts. I laughed at him. “You’re such an easy slut.” He just begged more. “Are you done so fast? Already wanting to come?” He was trembling and shaking. “Please, please let me.” “Yes. Yes you can come, but you better hurry before I change my mind.” I laughed and squeezed shut all the tubes. He cried out as he came and I growled as I did. Again.


2 responses to “This is my life: the object of my affections

  1. Totally love the idea of buying a bunch of new panties for him and having him try them all on. It’s something I’ve dreamed of too. 🙂 Especially if I’d be able to just sit and look at him like that.

    Love it!

    • I highly recommend it! Then again I’m quite partial to both objectification and men in panties. This isn’t the first time I’ve had him just be porn for me. It’s just the first time he hasn’t been bound and *forced* to be my show! I really liked directing him in exactly what I wanted to see him do though. So it certainly won’t be the last time!

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