This is my life: first whipping

He’s been with me all day long. He has been so patient and so good. He was suspended for almost an hour. Hanging there. Letting me know if something was too tight or needed to be adjusted. After that we collapsed on the sofa for a while and listened to some music. Just enjoying the music and each other’s company. After that, we got some dinner and went to a party. He was good there too. He waited quietly and patiently while I talked to friends I hadn’t seen in way too long. He brought what I’d told him to bring and dressed up for me in sexy stockings and lacy panties. He was so very good.

I tied him up. But I left his back free. Hands bound and rope from thigh to toe holding up his stockings. He looked so content. It was my fault he hadn’t gotten to try the whip last week. I know he had wanted to try it quite a bit.

“Do you want to try the whip?”

Quietly, “I think so.”

I interpreted that as an affirmative. He’s still shy around me. I picked it up and walked around in front of him just to make sure I was interpreting him right. He smiled. I walked around behind him.

I started fairly lightly, just licking his skin with it. He jumped a little. But not much. I gave him a few more licks. He jumped a bit more as I struck him harder. I started to see a few red stripes on him. I walked around in front of him to see how he was doing and he smiled at me again. I touched his stripes and he started to quiver. I stepped around behind him again and he was very still. The perfect target.

I struck him again harder. He started shaking again. But he was still standing. I gave him a few more stripes and watched his whole body trembling. He jumped as I struck him. And shook. I think I might have heard a whimper. But he was still. Waiting for the next strike. I cracked the whip on him. It made him tremble harder and jump. Again. Again. He was trembling so hard that if he hadn’t been tied up, he might have sunk to the ground. I touched his back. Warm and soft to the touch. I walked around in front of him again and he was still smiling. He smiled as I held him and untied him.


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