I’m not an amusement park ride

This post brought to you by all the men and women over the years who have treated me as if I’m some kind of amusement park ride. I get comments on my pictures. Some are polite. Some are appreciative. Some are not. I expect a certain amount of HNG comments at this point. It’s the internet, after all. And if I put something up… Sure it would be great if we could all treat each other with basic respect. But we don’t.

However, comments like “I’m next!” or “Me too, Mistress!” or “Where is the list for that?” are really REALLY not likely to actually get you what you are asking for. Partially because they aren’t really questions. They are demands. And they completely disregard my personal autonomy. It’s as if I get no say in what I do or don’t get to do. Like their desire is more important than anything I may or may not want. And that really doesn’t work for me. In fact, it’s the least likely thing you could possibly say to inspire me to play with you or do anything with you. Because being a demanding, inconsiderate twat isn’t sexy or enticing. Want my attention? Start by treating me like a real person. And even that is not a guarantee I’m going to be interested in anything more than friendship.

If I’m not interested? Deal with it. I’m not something you can buy a ticket and ride.


2 responses to “I’m not an amusement park ride

  1. There are many men out there with a quick 1 liner and it comes from being horny and in the moment. They are looking to get their rocks off and be done. No worse feeling in the world for a woman and I agree with what you are saying. Not really trying to get brownie points, but I love communications. 99% of your kinks out there whether it be a slave or submissive or even a dominant, there needs to be a relationship before any true fun and enjoyment can be had. Once night stands happen and they are enjoyed. It’s part of the fantasy. Slaves are typically short term, its a fantasy, but the real pleasure comes from a person who knows you and what you like. therefor a one liner is not going to get that kind of attention; especially like the ones you mentioned. I am submissive and I practice denial in many different ways so I think I am more in tune with pleasing others over myself. Unfortunate, that’s not the case with everyone 🙂

  2. I get these types of messages from men and subs and I always tell them I wouldn’t give them the time of day. Dommes are not kink dispensing machines. If they want kink on demand then they can go to someone else and pay for it by the hour. No matter what lifestyle or medium you are using to communicate with someone you should always open with treating them like a human being that has feelings and thoughts of their own. Someone who says “I’m next” does not deserve a Mistress like you or me. They are thinking about their own wants and not the wants of the Mistress and that just sounds like a bad sub to me.

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