Hopes and daydreams

He’s on FetLife right now as I’m typing this. In my imagination he’s there in his bedroom looking. Looking at my profile. Clicking through my pictures til he finds one of what we’ve done together. And it turns him on. He clicks through to a few more til he finds another one of me. And it makes him hard. Thinking of what we have already done. Thinking of what we might do next time we meet. In my head, he’s torn. He wonders if I would allow him to touch or deny him. He wonders if maybe I wouldn’t let him, because he knows denial is a kink of mine. In my head it makes him drip to think of me telling him he isn’t allowed as he looks at my pics. And he begs til I touch it myself and stroke it til he is almost there. Not quite. So close… and I stop. In my mind while he is looking at a computer screen and hard and wondering what I might do, he is so turned on he does touch. I haven’t denied him that. Not yet. But I might. Any time. I might. And right now, as I type this and he is on FetLife… I hope he is looking and touching. I hope. Sometimes I hope for the strangest things…


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