This is my life: be careful what you ask for…

I read a series of books wherein women rule in basically every kingdom… or queendom as the case may be! In this particular series, the court isn’t chosen via political manouverings as in most historical kingdoms. Rather the court is chosen because the people who are meant to serve a particular queen recognize it, as does the queen. She recognizes those who are meant to serve her. It is innate and does not require much effort in the actual recognition.

I’ve often wished for that. I’ve wished that I could just recognize those with the potential to serve me well or to be mine. Well, I’ve gotten a taste of it I think. And now I’m not exactly sure what to do about it. Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

When I met the husband, I knew he was mine. It wasn’t exactly immediate, but it was a certain feeling that this one… this one is special. This one has potential. And within a few weeks, I had that “You just know” feeling about him. Now, several years later, I have been running into men who strike something in me. None of them strike me in quite the way the husband did. But they do strike me. They make me want to engage them. They make me want … something … from them. They bring out my desire to control. To hurt. To own.

But there are too many of them! I never wanted a harem of men to serve me. I don’t even know if I could manage so many. First there was one. Then two. Now there are three of them. What the hell would I even do with 4 submissives? Who has that much time? And yet… and yet… I find myself drawn to all of them for various reasons. The husband, the raven, the wild thing, and now one more. I was not prepared for the wild thing. He hit me like a baseball bat to the head. And now I feel like I’ve once again been sucker punched. What was I thinking asking for a gut instinct to guide my hand in whom I should be having a D/s relationship with?


2 responses to “This is my life: be careful what you ask for…

  1. I am so envious!! I just want ONE that hits me like that.

    Enjoy *smile*.


    • Want to borrow one of mine? Just kidding! LOL.

      You know, I thought that before I had 4 submissives hit me like that and no clue what to do about it. I will figure it out. But in the meantime, there will be much gnashing of teeth and wailing and tearing of hair. (At least two of them are long distance, so that is helpful in the immediate.)

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