This is my life: the text message

The wild thing is young. Much younger than I am. He’s young enough to be my son (if I’d had children young). And though he reads as a wild young fairy boy to me, his actions are those of a man. Most of the men who have wanted to submit to me have been very secretive about me. I didn’t realize until this week how much it’s sunk into my skin. How much it has affected me. How much it taught me to expect less. To expect to be treated in a way that made me feel like I wasn’t valued. Sometimes it takes a boy (Well, technically he is not actually a boy, but he’s a young man at least!) to show you what a man is.

Him: I still need to learn how to [very particular cleaning thing I hate doing] and also to [clean this thing that we discovered needed cleaning yesterday].

Me: Yes you do. Why don’t you come over on Friday evening for some naked cleaning instruction!

Him: Well I have this cocktail thing I’m already committed to doing with my mom and some of her work friends. I could do something before or after or both. Do you want to come to the cocktail thing?


Edit: I’ve met the wild thing’s mom and several of his friends. All seems to have gone well! I’m feeling slightly relieved and also very lucky to have such wonderful men in my life. The husband was supportive even through his fear of my getting something I usually can’t get from any guy who’s wanted to submit to me.


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