Musings on romancing me

Woo me with your suffering, your pain, and your cries. Let me hurt you how I want to, and want it too. Let me know you want to suffer for me by your every sigh and flinch and shudder when we’re playing. Flirt with me by offering me your throat for my teeth and your body as my canvas. Give me your cries and your sobs and your tears.

Seduce me with your willingness. Willingness to do what I want you to do even when you don’t really want to do it. Willingness to explore new landscapes with me. Let me take you on a journey and be willing to trust that I would never intentionally harm you. Show me that you are willing to be open with me. Show me that you are willing to be vulnerable with me. Be honest. Be fearless. Open yourself to me and know I will be open to you too. And know that I will value your honesty. Your vulnerability. Your fearlessness. Be willing to take risks with me and follow where I go.



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