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Things go wrong

Sometimes things are hot and sweaty and sexy and fun.

And sometimes, things go wrong. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s not due to lack of skill or lack of desire or lack of anything else. Sometimes, things simply go to hell in a handbasket.

And I hate it. I rail against it. Even though I know I can’t change it, I want to. I want every scene to be hot and amazing and mind-blowing. I want us to be so sated and spent that we collapse into a heap of blood, sweat, and tears. I want to be so good at anticipating potential problems that none ever come to fruition.

But that isn’t reality. And nobody can make every scene perfect. This week, I had one of those scenes. It was not the scene I had in mind.

The rope was my enemy. It was tying itself in knots. It was underfoot. It was stuck on my clothing. And on top of that, it was unduly uncomfortable for my submissive. He’s very good in rope. He loves rope. He’s happy to be tied up and tied down and suspended and… you get the picture. He couldn’t get comfortable in a tie we’d already deemed “quite comfortable for suspension.” I fiddled with it and re-tied it a dozen times. In the process I tore up my hands so much that one of my fingers was actually bleeding. Nothing was working.

Disappointing, but sometimes you just need to go to plan B. So I did. I untied everything and did an entirely different tie for an entirely different suspension. One I’ve done many times. And it still wasn’t working. This rope was slipping down. That one was sliding up. And when one is suspended, it’s really not great when things are sliding around. By the time I got things still and mostly comfortable, there was so much rope on the wild thing that there was almost no skin left to do things to. That was somewhat disappointing. But I decided to soldier on. Sometimes you can still have a wonderful scene by working with the unexpected.

I tried a few things from the hands to the whip. His feet were in the way of his ass, so I decided to hit them instead. For me, not an especially fun target. They are very small, highly mobile most of the time, and involve some very small bones which are not usually the fun kind of pain when hit in the wrong way. In short, they are challenging. But the only other real areas of skin available were the shins and the lower back. Neither of which were going to be fantastic to hit.

I finally decided to give up on the hands, teeth, and floggers. I switched to the whip. Eureka! Something I could use that would ignore the vast quantities of rope and still hurt him! The popper promptly flew off.

I was, at this point, getting quite frustrated. Nothing was going according to plan. And on top of that, I wasn’t really able to get into any kind of groove. I was not having fun. Here is a beautiful canvas hanging helpless in front of me, and I’m not having fun. There is something fundamentally wrong with this picture. Once I realized that, I started to move from soldiering on to becoming angry. So I decided it was time to call it a day. I’d tried. I thought that the wild thing even managed to enjoy my fumbling ministrations. But I was very done. I moved around in front to give him a hug before letting him down from the suspension.

It was at this point that I managed to kick the ottoman leg really hard with my bare foot so hard I was afraid I’d broken a toe.

Yes, sometimes things go horribly, inexplicably, astoundingly wrong.


Musings: I must have done something good

He just came on my bare breasts. Now he’s sitting on my lap. Straddling me and looking adorable in his lacy panties and nothing else. I smile up at him and mention that he has managed to make a big mess all over me. He grins back and nods. “Do you want me to clean it up?” He knows the answer I will give him. He starts licking, still straddling me. His tongue feels warm against my skin. He has a lot to lick up. And he doesn’t stop with cleaning up his mess. When it’s all gone and I’m practically purring with pleasure, he moves on to lick the parts of my breasts that didn’t get messy. I’m giddy and growling with how good his tongue feels on me. Eventually I push him forward. He looks like a vision of perfection with his full lips smiling down at me with cum still wet on them. I see that there is still a fair amount of cum on his stomach and the head of his cock. “You missed some,” I point out to him. He immediately starts gathering it up with his fingers and licking them clean. I start growling again.

Perfection. Sitting right here on my lap.

I know he doesn’t like rope, but it looks good on him. I’ve tied his legs and arms to the corners of the bed. I put a very large plug in his ass. It’s a struggle for him. It’s larger than he’s used to. But it’s much smaller than the cocks I usually use on him. I know he can handle it. And he does. I sit on his face. He is licking and sucking like a mad man. I know he would love for me to let him cum tonight. I know I’m going to let him. I’ve tied him up and whipped him hard. He’s been flogged and fucked for hours. He has certainly earned it. I change position to sit on his cock instead. He’s already wanting release. But not yet. He’s thrusting under me and I’m whispering sweet nothings in his ear. “Enjoy this while you can.” I’m playing one of our favorite games. “Why?” He sounds close to the edge already. “Because this is the last time. Now I have the wild thing, and I can lock you up.” I didn’t think it was possible for him to get harder, but he does. “Do you want him? Do you want him now?” I laugh. “Oh yes. I want his cock inside me right now. Maybe I’ll call him and have him come over and fuck me in front of you so you can watch his cock sliding in and out of where you want to be.” Now I’m getting close as well. It’s such a hot thought. Watching him and listening to his nearly incoherent begging sends me right over the edge. When I open my eyes again, his eyes roll back in his head and I feel him cum inside me. I climb off of him and just stare for a moment. His cock is now covered in both our cum and he still can’t move.

Perfection. Tied to my bed.


I saw a lovely black bird today. It was perched atop the luggage rack of the car in front of me. It was a lovely blue-black and was clearly very territorial about what it considered its car. It was strutting around and puffing up its feathers… fanning its tail. Any time someone walked by, it hopped over to that side of the roof and watched them to make sure they weren’t coming too close to its territory. When I walked up to get back into my car, it hopped over to my side and eyed me suspiciously. I watched it until another bird came too close and it took off after the invader.

It was somehow touching to watch that pretty bird protecting its rooftop. Maybe because I’m so territorial myself.