Musings: Here and now

Well I’ve been so busy doing things that I have not been writing much. It’s a good problem to have! Mostly I’ve been feeling very lucky and happy to have some wonderful men in my life. I’ve checked in with both of them, and they also seem to be doing well. Though the Husband does struggle, he’s really doing pretty well. I certainly couldn’t share my spouse, so I appreciate that he can. (Even when it’s hard for him.) And I appreciate that he’s doing better about both recognizing that I have needs as well and knowing that he wants to be given an opportunity to meet them. Which sounds very obvious. But it wasn’t. Not to him. Not for a long time.

And the Wild Thing? Well he is dealing quite well with the fact that this isn’t your typical dating relationship. He’s very impressive in his willingness to both accept what I am able to give him. Because it isn’t at all what he’s used to from vanilla women. Nor is it even typical of most monogamous romantic D/s relationships I’ve seen. And he is also willing and able to communicate when he is struggling to accept it. I know men twice his age that wouldn’t be able to handle this type of situation with such grace.

So basically this is an entire post dedicated wholly and completely to bragging about my men! Yes. Completely shameless bragging. Oh, and they are both completely gorgeous. Ok, I’ll stop now!


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