Musings on particular sex acts: titfucking

I keep seeing discussions on the intarwebz about “What is the most dominant/submissive act?” And I don’t think such a thing exists on a meta level since I don’t believe any given act is inherently dominant/submissive. It seems to come up even more in relation to sex acts. And I’ve found it especially problematic in relation to being a dominant woman who enjoys sex. There are an unfortunate number of people (where “people” includes the submissive men I would like to be doing sex acts with) who equate any kind of penetration with submissiveness. As a woman who really likes to be in charge of how the sex goes and who also really likes to have penis in my vagina, it’s a problem.

Penetration isn’t a submissive act. Neither is penetrating. It’s all in what’s going on in someone’s head. I find the “x act is submissive/dominant” line of thinking gets in the way of some of the things I like to do. I have been assured on several occasions that “titfucking” (I really hate that label for it, but calling it “masturbating someone between my breasts while using their body to stimulate my nipples” is a bit unwieldy) can’t possibly be a dominant act. So here’s a little guide on how I like to do it. Not that having someone sit on one’s chest can’t be a dominant act. If I told someone to do that, it would be him submitting to my will and doing what I want. But I have enough trouble breathing without someone adding their weight to my chest. So I have developed some alternative… less subtly dominant… methods. Here are a few ways to have a penis between your chest in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Find a willing fellow whose penis you’d like to have between your breasts

Step 2: Use a Swiss seat harness to suspend this willing fellow from a hard point.

Step 3 (optional): Tie his hands behind his back or otherwise restrain his hands

Step 4: Lift him to the appropriate height to have his penis between your breasts

Step 5: Have fun with the penis that’s now between your breasts


Step 1: Find a penis attached to a man who you fancy, who’s game to have his penis between your breasts

Step 2: Make him lay down somewhere

Step 3 (optional): Bind him so he can barely move

Step 4: Lay on top of him such that your breasts are surrounding his penis

Step 5: Enjoy the penis between your breasts as you see fit


So now you know way more about my sex life than you ever wanted to! Do I think liking these things suddenly turns me into a submissive woman? No I don’t.


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