This is my life: Tuesday journey

He was already feeling things before we even got started. I was in the bed getting things arranged how I wanted them. He came to the edge of the bed and knelt with his head in my lap. I knew it was going to be one of those nights.

I had him strip and get in bed so I could get his hair out of the way. I needed to see his beautiful face. I wanted his hair out of his eyes. I pulled it back and told him to go get me a length of rope. One. So he slid out of the bed and brought me back my rope. He presented it to me on both hands. Which made me smile. Then I had him get back in the bed so I could tie him up.

I bound his chest and arms. Pulling him against me. Kissing his neck. Biting his shoulder. Holding him in my arms as much as with the rope. Then I ran out of rope. I teased him by having him go find me more rope while still bound. He was adorable looking around the room at all the rope til he found one that was the right length and color. I made him kiss my feet before squirming back into bed. Then I finished tying him up.

I laid him back and had him close his eyes. I wrote on his pretty face. My message to him. My desires. My needs. On my beautiful canvas. Claiming his skin and his freedom. Taking what I wanted. Taking his skin in my mouth and under my hands. I tortured him with pain and pleasure. I wanted him to hurt and soar and ride the waves to where I wanted to take him. I watched him struggle and sigh and soar. And when I was ready, I led him to the end of that journey. Letting him explode for the price of pain. And find the end of his journey. My arms.

He fell asleep in my arms. Still bound. I wish every night could be like that night.


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