Love letter

You took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. But now I love you. I love your grace and your quiet strength. I know people see your grace, but I don’t think as many recognize how strong you are. I feel like you’re a kindred spirit as well as my lover. I want your spirit as much as I want your body. And your grace inspires my imagination. You have managed to climb inside my head and now you seem to own a piece of my heart.

You have forever changed me and what I want in a man. Your petite frame thrills me. I love being able to pick you up and how our bodies fit together when I do. I love it equally how our bodies fit together when we’re walking hand in hand or sitting next to each other. I love being taller and larger than you. Your smallness excites me. You are the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

In a different world, I’d have you as my wife and lover. In a different world, time would mean nothing. In a different world, you wouldn’t crave the top side. In a different world, I would want children. In a different world, the Husband would be ok with sharing you with me permanently. In a different world, we could remain together. I wish for that world. Because I feel it in my soul that you are mine. But when the time comes, I will love you enough to let you go find your happiness with the one who can meet all those needs that I can’t. I love you.


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