Dinner for one

I have 2 submissives. And while I spend a fair amount of time with one or both of them, I often DO things… alone. It’s partially by design. I like to have a fair amount of “me” time. I need that to recharge my batteries after being around people all day long at work. I even need occasional breaks from people whom I consider to be “my people.” It doesn’t need to be a lot of time alone. It doesn’t need to be completely alone. He or they can be in a different room or across the room but not making any immediate demands on me. There if I want to interact, but no demand for interaction.

However, partially it’s due to schedule conflicts or other kinds of “life gets in the way” stuff. And as a result of this, I’m often having dinner alone. Going to a movie alone. Grocery shopping alone. You get the picture. Luckily, I have always been comfortable being alone or having only myself for company. Perhaps it’s due to vanity or arrogance. Who knows. But I don’t mind moving through the world by myself. Sure, it’s great to have some company. But I don’t need it all the time. I wouldn’t even say I need it most of the time. I’ve never had much of an issue finding partners (other than being entirely too picky about my partners) when I want one. But I’ve also never felt I needed one.

Today I enjoyed some wonderful alone time. I had lunch alone. I went to a munch alone. I had dinner alone. And I will sleep alone tonight. Bonus, I get to sprawl out across the entire bed without worrying about kicking anyone in the knee! (Because that really hurts my foot, of course…)


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