Doing it wrong: I am not a supermodel



So… I just want to go on record as saying that I don’t look like this.the fantasy


Or this.


I don’t.

I love the boots and shoes and shiny “Dominatrix uniform” kind of clothes. So I wear them even though I don’t look like this. I have repeatedly… REPEATEDLY heard about how you have to look a certain way in order to even think about wearing thigh high boots or latex or to let your body show. Usually I hear it when I’m in jeans and a sweater. Because they’ve forgotten that I’m a latex fetishist who doesn’t look like a supermodel. I hear it from men and women. I hear people say it about themselves… “Oh I could never wear that because I’m too big.” It makes me sad. It makes me angry.

I hate that we live in a world where people can’t even wear clothing that they want to wear for fear that people will laugh at them. Or make snide comments behind their back. I hate that people hate their own bodies enough to deny themselves the freedom to wear what they like. I hate that people fear being naked with each other. I hate that people who don’t look like movie stars and supermodels are afraid to let other people touch them because of some perceived imperfection.

Fuck that. I wear latex. And thigh high boots. And I refuse to feel bad about it. I show up to the beach, and I don’t wear shorts or a mumu. I wear a bikini. And if people don’t want to see my big fat ass, then they can always look elsewhere. I wear sandals without painted toes. I sit naked on top of my gorgeous muscular submissives and let them see me and touch my beautiful body. (One of them is particularly fond of touching my belly whenever he can get his hands on it.) I want them to see me and touch me just as I want to see and touch them. If we can’t be naked with our lovers and enjoy each other’s bodies then with whom can we be that vulnerable and unfettered. Intimacy. I can’t imagine my life without it. Or without my official “Dominatrix uniforms.”


7 responses to “Doing it wrong: I am not a supermodel

  1. Such a wonderful post and you are right.

  2. We are surrounded by people we don’t know
    and will never see again
    And we care what they think of us ??
    Just ask yourself the magic question
    “Who gives a F*** “

  3. Reblogged this on Becoming A Domme and commented:
    I wish more people realized how wonderful their bodies were and displayed the confidence shown in this article. I know I will wear what I damn well please, and I’ve found the most confident I am in my body is when I go to festivals mostly naked.

  4. I love your views. I tell people this all the time especially larger women who fear the thoughts of others. “Fuck that” is exactly what I say and I find that attitude sexy! I dated a large woman in high school who i remember getting a lot of smack from my so called friends at the time. I thought she was sexy and a turn on. She had a high self esteem and didn’t care about what people through of her size. I loved this about her truly feel its all about what “you” think about yourself, not others. And if you let others determine how you feel about yourself, then you loose a lot out of life!

  5. a-fucking-men!!! unfortunately still a lesson I have yet to learn to apply to my feelings about my own body…how can i see such beauty and be so accepting of others (lifestyles, bodies, opinions, colors w/e) but be so cruel and judgmental of myself?

    • I think it works that way for most women. We can’t seem to see the beauty in ourselves that we see in others. So you certainly aren’t alone! It’s a very hard lesson to get into our thick skulls sometimes.

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