This is my life: body image

Body image is a tricky subject for many people. Somewhat more complicated for most women than it is for most men. Sometimes it’s tricky for me. But mostly it isn’t. I do occasionally have my off days. My “bad hair” or “I feel unattractive” or “blah” days. But they are, by a landslide, outweighed by my good days.

Modern society thinks this shouldn’t be so. After all, I’m obese by medical standards. Otherwise knows as a big fat fatty McFatterson. I’m also old enough that I should be considered sexually irrelevant. But most days, I feel loved and attractive. And every day, I feel like a valuable human being regardless of what I look like.

So how do I manage to spend most of my days feeling lovely and loved? I wish I had a better answer than, “I just realized I’m lovely and loved.” But that is it. I don’t remember exactly when. But one day (after many years of hard work on my self esteem and body image) I simply woke up and felt a strong sense of my own worth. And that worth includes the exterior as well as the interior. I feel like I am someone beautiful enough to inspire lust. I feel like I am someone wise enough to inspire trust. I feel like someone other people would like to have in their life as a friend or lover. I’m not perfect. I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But I have a lot to offer.

I believe that I don’t need to be any particular dress size to be beautiful. To have someone want me. To be desired and loved. I wish more people believed the same thing. Not about me. About themselves. So many people are not doing things. Not living the life they want. Not happy. All because they don’t like the person they are or the body they inhabit. Perfectly good bodies!

I suppose that I also believe that outward beauty isn’t everything. People are so much more than just a face and a body. So even if someone will never be a supermodel, it doesn’t matter. I will never be a supermodel. But that doesn’t mean I will never be a worthwhile person. I already AM a worthwhile person. Perhaps that is the source of my positive body image.

Realizing that bodies are great, but they aren’t everything.


One response to “This is my life: body image

  1. This is beautiful! I’ve traveled a similar path.

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