Musings on success

Success is an interesting concept to me. It is, in my view, completely subjective. The ways we define success changes over time. When I was a child, success was measured in the smiles and hugs of my parents. When I was in school, success was measured in grades. After school, after childhood… success was more ephemeral and more elusive. How was I to measure it?

Traditional western culture measures success by how many things one owns sometimes. Sometimes by the kind of job one  has. Sometimes it is measured in dollar signs or the number on a scale or how many followers one has on social media. Everyone has their own measure of success.

My measure of personal success is has come full circle. I measure my success in smiles once again. Those of the people I care about and my own. My success is measured in joy and happiness. I want to be living a happy life. I want to help others find happiness in their own lives.

But I was thinking… is that how I measure success in my relationships? Is having a happy and joyous relationship how I measure myself to have a good and successful relationship? Do I expect my loves to make me happier and more joyous? I know that I do still measure my success by their smiles. But that is life success. Not relationship success. Do I measure success by years? I don’t have any good answers… yet. But I will.


One response to “Musings on success

  1. success for me is how well I have loved in spite of the obstacles. Slowly I am coming to the incite that loving IS much more precious than being loved.
    Having volunteered in a Hospice setting I have noticed that the last memories of a dying person were not what they accomplished but who they loved and who loved them.

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