Kink, finally

Well! I finally got to play some. It reminds me that I really need it. It isn’t a want, it’s a need. The normal way I function is that I can’t even think about throwing a flogger at someone I am not in a relationship with. (Or with whom I might at least have the strong possibility of a relationship with.) But the longer I go without having some kinky fun, the more unhappy I become. And if it gets too long, people I would normally never consider playing with will start to seem like a viable option.

And I’m not talking about the way they look or if they are a jerk. I mean people I have no business entangling in an ultimately dangerous web. Like my good friends. Who are wonderful as friends, but would very likely no longer be friends if I play with them and muck up our friendship. Which would be the most likely outcome. Since I tend to become inappropriately possessive. I have, too many times, fallen down that hole. And I have lost friends because of it. I don’t want to do that any more. Which is why I stopped playing with friends that I’m not interested in as romantic or sexual partners.

Thank goodness that the Husband and the Wild Thing are finally less busy. I just hope it stays that way. I don’t have so many friends that I am keen to lose them to my lust.


One response to “Kink, finally

  1. Can you imagine having the desire for that kink and never having an outlet?
    That’s me and you are a lucky women to be able to share that “shadow side” of your nature with someone…so fulfilling! Yes, for me it is not just a want but a deeply buried un-met need! I wouldn’t dare explicitly reveal that need to any friends of mine. My mate who is deceased now was disgusted by my desire to share that with her so I felt pretty shut down.

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