Open letter to rope people

Dear rope people,

The takate kote is not the only way to tie someone up. There are plenty of other ways to tie someone up. You don’t have to put the arms behind the back. In fact, you don’t even have to tie the arms up at all. I promise, nobody will take away your Official Shibari Master Club card. And really, if you are all so concerned about the dreaded nerve damage and the even more dreaded wrist drop

Maybe you should do a different fucking tie.

Seriously. I am sick of hearing the “woe is me” whining from rope bottoms bemoaning how they have to sacrifice their body for their art. Newsflash, you don’t have to. I’m even more sick of hearing the self-congratulatory blatherings of rope tops about how they have tied up someone, that someone got nerve damage, and the top is doing the right thing by admitting it happened. Congratulations for being a decent human.

Now you can all keep whining about nerve damage and the dangerous dangers of your dangerous shibari…

Or you can do a different fucking tie.

That is all,



4 responses to “Open letter to rope people

  1. Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    #rope-play can be fun…and not so dangerous – you don’t have to go along with ‘tradition’

  2. Totally true and highly valid, the beauty of rope is its flexibility and endless possibilities it provides as a form of restraint and body art. The key is to experiment and innovate.
    However I do love the classic forms 🙂

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with liking whatever it is that we like. I certainly know how to tie a TK and have done so on occasion. But I don’t do it every fucking time. (Admittedly, I actually do not often tie the arms behind the back at all since I like having access to the back.) Basically all I’m saying is use a different tie every now and again or quit whining about nerve damage!

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