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In my perfect world…

I live in a relatively peaceful and joyous household with two gorgeous, loving, submissive men who are friends & who adore me. We have our good days and bad days as humans do, but we are all dedicated to being together for the long haul. We all want to be in the same auto, on the same journey, with me at the wheel. They agree that I will be able to do as I please with them sexually & with their bodies in general. I agree not to disregard their hard limits. They agree that unless there is some extremely compelling reason (such as loss of life, limb, or liberty), they will do things my way. I will not give them useless tasks or busy work just because I can. They will strive to make my life easier and more pleasurable. I will communicate clearly what I expect of them in order that they can make my life easier and more pleasurable. Because they are putting their trust in me, I will strive to make the best decisions for all of us. They will strive to abide by my decisions with grace. I will strive to take suggestions and criticism with grace.


Love letter

You took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. But now I love you. I love your grace and your quiet strength. I know people see your grace, but I don’t think as many recognize how strong you are. I feel like you’re a kindred spirit as well as my lover. I want your spirit as much as I want your body. And your grace inspires my imagination. You have managed to climb inside my head and now you seem to own a piece of my heart.

You have forever changed me and what I want in a man. Your petite frame thrills me. I love being able to pick you up and how our bodies fit together when I do. I love it equally how our bodies fit together when we’re walking hand in hand or sitting next to each other. I love being taller and larger than you. Your smallness excites me. You are the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

In a different world, I’d have you as my wife and lover. In a different world, time would mean nothing. In a different world, you wouldn’t crave the top side. In a different world, I would want children. In a different world, the Husband would be ok with sharing you with me permanently. In a different world, we could remain together. I wish for that world. Because I feel it in my soul that you are mine. But when the time comes, I will love you enough to let you go find your happiness with the one who can meet all those needs that I can’t. I love you.

Hopes and daydreams

He’s on FetLife right now as I’m typing this. In my imagination he’s there in his bedroom looking. Looking at my profile. Clicking through my pictures til he finds one of what we’ve done together. And it turns him on. He clicks through to a few more til he finds another one of me. And it makes him hard. Thinking of what we have already done. Thinking of what we might do next time we meet. In my head, he’s torn. He wonders if I would allow him to touch or deny him. He wonders if maybe I wouldn’t let him, because he knows denial is a kink of mine. In my head it makes him drip to think of me telling him he isn’t allowed as he looks at my pics. And he begs til I touch it myself and stroke it til he is almost there. Not quite. So close… and I stop. In my mind while he is looking at a computer screen and hard and wondering what I might do, he is so turned on he does touch. I haven’t denied him that. Not yet. But I might. Any time. I might. And right now, as I type this and he is on FetLife… I hope he is looking and touching. I hope. Sometimes I hope for the strangest things…